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Originally Posted by Felixtito View Post
It seem like only a few Klitscho trolls watched that **** fight and spread a lot of falsehood in regards to what really happened.

First off, everyone needs to go watch Wladimir vs Sultan (an opponent 10x less dangerous than Haye) to see the true nature of Wlad.
Wladimir and Sultan pawed at each other with jabs for 12 rounds, than called it a day.

Wladimir vs David Haye was not quite as ****ty, but for a fight of that magnitude it failed miserably. Both guys were to blame.

Wladimir REFUSED to engage and David Haye ran around him for 12 rounds. Wladimir did not attack or chase once, he simply won points off his jab and the occasional right hand that hit gloves. David Haye meanwhile REFUSED to engage and just kept running around and losing points.

To say that 'Wlad can't catch Haye because Haye was running' is an utterly moronic excuse. Wladimir is a 6'6 super heavy with great atheltic abilities. If he really wanted to get Haye against the ropes and engage in actual fighting, he could have.

The truth is both ****s were scared of each other, the difference being it was in Germany where Wlad could lean and hold more, along with Wladimir being the better boxer. Horrific fight.
Because Haye didn't bring the fight he promised. Then blamed it on a hang nail.
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