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Default Bradley accuses Spence of ducking Crawford, Spence says Bradley ducked him.

Tim Bradley gets pissed off and accuses Spence and the PBC guys of ducking Crawford. Bradley says that Spence can't say he's the best because he won't fight Crawford.

Tim Bradley on Spence ducking Crawford: "Yeah he ducking him! Absolutely he ducking him! Yeah y'all take that, he ducking Terence Crawford! He don't want to fight Terence Crawford! I telling you that right now.

Tim Bradley on PBC on Fox not listing Crawford alongside the other Welterweight champions : "Man, I don't care about no side of the fence. For me I don't care, side of the fence...this is the world of boxing! Okay, this is the world of boxing. It makes me sad when I watch a Fox event, and they don't even have a champion like Terence Crawford in they line up! That pisses me off! I'm like man what are you doing?! What, y'all have y'all own world of boxing over there?!

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Spence responded by saying that Bradley is an ESPN guy and is just saying what's in the best interest of that network.

Spence also says Bradley retired when the WBC ordered them to fight.

Spence on Bradley: "What PBC guy has he fought?"

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