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Originally Posted by McNulty View Post
Thanks for the link!

I'm not going to give you opinions, I'm going to give you facts. Boxing is a dangerous sport so I'm going to give it to you as I see it.

Round 1

To start, looks like your in good shape. Your shoulders look muscular, especially for a 17 year-old. You're not passive, being first is a big deal.

You're probing a bit too much with your jab. Also, you're doing a lot of unecessary movements. Moving is good, but move to get into position and move while punching, just don't move to move. This isn't a professional fight and you don't have all the time in the world to set traps. Hold your ground and make those jabs count. By you probing and throwing flakey jabs you're just giving the oher guy opportunites to counter or walk through you.

The combo you throw at 1:09, you're footwork needs to improve. Plus, he was holding close to the center of the ring. Think about getting him closer to the ropes to stop his escape.

At 1:13, the jab to the body and the hook to the head was nice, but think about the straight left after the hook because you're in perfect position for it. In this case you would have landed it nicely. In the Am's you want 3 or 5 punch combo's a lot. The clock is ticking.

The 1-2 at 1:16, your left cheek should be touching your left shoulder and your right hand should be in the guard position, not down at your waist. Youre stance is square as well which puts your chin closer to him and he lands the uppercut as a result.

I notice you're moving left a lot which is directly into his power, think about moving to the right which is his weak side.

The combo at 1:50 is terrible man. That's the second time you walk/fumble forward throwing a combo. Even if you land there is no power on it because your feet are out of place. You're like walking forward with no root. Throw that out asap. All he has to do is shuffle back, drop a hard 1-2 or a 2 and its over.

Your guard or lack thereof is allowing him to tee-off on you. Right hands, right hand leads, and left hooks are the intro to beating a southpaw and he's landing them at will because your hands are down.

I notice your rear foot is flat a lot. Address this.

Round 2

Getting back to your rear foot. I notice its at 9:00, turn it to about 10:00-11:00 and stay on the ball most of the time. Two ways to put power on your straight left is rear foot completely flat (10:00-12:00 and usually when you time a guy coming in or if they're on the ropes), and the other is to pivot from 11:00 to 12:00 (like your stomping out a cigar on the street) and usually done stationary or after a shuffle.

Back to your jab, he doesn't respect your probing jab because it has nothing on it so he's coming in now and hitting you with the kitchen sink. If you were comitting to your jab he would think twice before closing the gap so recklessly. Work on your jab in the gym.

When throwing punches the punch should come from your chin and back to your chin.

Round 3

Is there something wrong with your abs? I notice your getting hurt with what appears to be weak shots to the lower belly which is unusual. You look muscular so I'm assuming your abs are developed? Get lower ab workouts in your training. Legs raises, flutter kicks, etc.

You get a guy close to the ropes you should be shoe-shining. Thats a very traditional Am's thing to do. Around 7:59 you got him close to the ropes but you let him off the hook. You do this a few times throughout the match. Get him there and KEEP him there. Shoe-shine that belly and move your way up to the head.

9:27 you fumble forward and like I said above, he shuffles back and drops a right hand on you. You're lucky he didn't put a hook and another right on top of it. This should be a big thing to focus on. 9:34 you fumble forward AGAIN and he hits your with the same right hand AGAIN.

Overall: D+

Things to Fix:
  1. Jab: Stop probing and commit (1-3), use angles.
  2. Footwork: Stop fumbling forward and work on Footwork + Combination Punching. Get your left foot out of 9:00 and toes facing 10:00-11:00. Get your rear foot on the ball.
  3. Defense: Get a high guard.
  4. Punch Form: Punch from the chin.
  5. Combinations: 3-5 punch combo's.
  6. Stop Unnecessary Movements: Be more calculated.
  7. Body Work: Shoe-Shine when you get him on the ropes.
  8. Cut Off The Ring: Must have.
  9. Center Command: Learn about taking over the CENTER of the ring and make the other guy move around. Cut the ring off when needed.
  10. Conditioning: Work on those Abs!

Things I Liked:
  1. Your cardiovascular condition was pretty good.
  2. You're tough when getting punched to the head.
  3. You're aggressive.
  4. You often punch first.
Thank you very much for your feedback, i can take a huge benefit from this!.About my abs, i feel the upper part is weak, i will train them a lot for sure.I'll keep working and i will be recording all the fights to see how i progress, once more, thanks for the analysis!
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