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Default physio or chiro?

hey fellas.. i sprained my left wrist nov last year and kept boxing then made it worse around december.. even making a fist hurt it.. yeh i know i was stupid but motivated to get ready for my fight(im sure u know the feeling).. but anyways, about 3 months ago i decided to go see a physiotherapist.. it helped alot, but only to a certain point.. i kept going but didnt feel any difference anymore so my mate suggested chirotherapy.. i've been there 3 times and all he does is crack my back and neck and he reckons he can get my fixed up in 2 months so i was like, alright we got a deal! does chiro even work on sprained wrists? in the last session he didnt even touch my wrist and he says he can fix it.. anyone got experience with this? or is this just one of those injuries that i cant get rid of? oh btw i work on cars at toyota so obviously that makes healing alot harder but yeah.. hopefully this isnt a permanent injury.. thanks boys! help is much appreciated!! im craving to box again lol
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