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Originally Posted by robert53 View Post
I hope Pac does retire; not because of the knockout, but the knockdown in rnd 3. The old Pac would never get caught with a punch like that. Pac will always be better than Floyd or JMM because at 5'6",67" reach , 144 lbs he destroyed Margo 150 lbs, 5'11" , 73" reach. We all know Floyd retired rather than face Margo at 147! Was Margo still dangerous after Mosely? I would have to say yes since Cotto ran for the entire fight. Pac really had no business fighting at 147 let alone 150. Why hasn't JMM ever fought any legit 147 pounders like Cotto,Mosely,etc. ? JMM learned his lesson after fighting Floyd who had a 5" reach advantage and came in over the agreed weight limit. How can Floyd fans brag about that fight?; are they that stupid about the sport of boxing? Floyd is 5'8" with a 72" reach and he still ducked Margo, Paul Williams, and now Martinez. At least Pac and JMM are true ATG even though they have both lost and I for one would like to see them both retire. They have nothing left to prove.As for Floyd I have him ranked just below Chris John and his zero.
Wow, check out this idiot
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Where to begin ?

You fkn retard, do you have any idea how stupid you look right now ?

Kid, Pacquiao is a very good fighter, but he is at least 2 levels below Mayweather, the hate emanating from you would heat an Olympic sized swimming pool
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Manny is the product of superb match-making, and superb marketing.

You however are the product of two idiots.

Your mom should have just swallowed you.

Here, I got something for ya, this is what happens to a hype-job.


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Your boy got stretched out son.
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