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Originally Posted by Curt Henning View Post
mr "75 percent" fury didnt want to rematch

tell mr anthony "show me 50 mil and ill sign tomorrow.....oh **** you got 50 mil? uhh nah ...i wont sell my soul for 50 mil...its gotta be in the UK for the fans" joshua to man up

tell em both actually

oh and uhhh...fury had 3 camps before he fought wilder.....he didnt literally pick himself up off a coke binge....but whatever narrative you need to make yourself feel better there champ!

its clear wilder bothers you alot....hes not going away...and hes fun and good for the sport! have a good day mate!

anthony joshua is so brave fighting parker, povetkin and ruiz back to back to back! murderers row right there! all legends!!! LOL
Ok, so I've gone with bullets cos cba actually going into the deepest detail (i will upon request though coz this post is paper thin and i got alot more)

*Mr 75% didnt want a rematch - not on wilders terms no
* 50million offer - Hearn said lets see a contract but only ever saw a term sheet, no meetings coz there non productive lol
*Furys 3 camps - FFS check fat ass Furys flab in the Wilder fight, it wobbled when he jabbed hahahah you saying he was more than 75%????? coz ur the only one bro but best to yous
*Wilder bothers me coz im a boxing fan, i dont choose fury or aj or anyone made by a corp, I pick the best boxer and the fact Deontay Wilder is a champ is a disgrace to boxing (im more than happy to go int this further)... His right hand is pandering to the lowest common denominator - you
*Povetkin alone wipes the floor with anyone of Widlers past opponents, not sure why you would bring him up actually.

So yeh, your post is crap buddy

I know its really difficult to defend beyonce right now but you keep your head up slugger, your input is always appreciated
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