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Great post - Boxing Goat 
Default Define common boxing terms / words such as bums, journeymen and etc

So here are some common boxing terminology that can be written in a boxing dictionary which contains common terms used by boxing associates (fans, journalist, boxers, media, commentators and etc.). Provide your definitions and make them as specific as possible whilst also providing examples if possible.

Here are the terminology and my definitions of them:

- Bum (Below - Usable - Measure): A boxer with 12 bouts or more that has 25% losses out of his overall bouts (7 losses out of 24 bouts)

- Rookie / Novice: A boxer with less than 12 bouts who still hasn't faced a non-bum opponent in a 12 round bout (E.G. when Lomachenko faced Orlando Salido).

- Contender: A boxer who contests for a championship title.

- Champion: Any boxer with a championship title.

- Lineal champion: Any boxer with minimum 10 mandatory title defenses or any boxer who beats a champion with minimum 10 mandatory title defenses (such as Tyson Fury when he beat Wladimir Klitschko and Wladimir Klitschko before he lost to Tyson Fury).

- Undisputed champion: Any boxer with every championship title in a weight division. (E.G. Terence Crawford at 140 pounds before moving up to 147 pounds).

- Journeyman: Any boxer who is below contender level due to failure of becoming a contender by losing to other contenders (E.G. Alexander Dimitrenko and Alexander Ustinov)

- Bum beater: A boxer who has faced and beaten more than 50% of opponents that are bums out of their career record (E.G. LaMar Clark and Eric Esch / Butter Bean).

- ATG (All - Time - Great): A boxer who wins minimum 20 bouts against non-bum opponents (E.G. Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko).

- Unified champion: A boxer that possesses minimum 2 championship titles (E.G. Anthony Joshua currently).

- Featherfist (Butterfly, Powder Puncher, Pillow Puncher): Someone who's knockout percentage is 50% or lower (Evander Holyfield at heavyweight).

- Career-Record : All wins + losses + draws + no-contests from the first fight of the career to the last fight. It's quadruple number like "34-9-1-2" meaning "34 Wins, 9 Losses, 1 Draw, 2 No Contests"

- Prospect: Someone with at least 5 wins against non-bum opponents.

- Running: A boxer ceating distance without attacking or without showing intention of attacking (landing
punches upon the opponent). Or a boxer putting themselves in a position where they can't get hit by their opponent but also whilst not being in a position to land any punches on their opponent themselves (E.G. Canelo Alvarez running against Gennady Golovkin and Hughie Fury running against Joseph Parker).

- Boxing: A boxer positioning themselves in a position and at a distance where they can land punches on their opponent without getting punched themselves by the opponent in return (hit and not get hit - Vasyl Lomachenko against Guillermo Rigondeaux).

- Out-boxing: A boxer out-landing their opponent in terms of clean punches (punches that land accurately in the scoring areas of opponent's body - Vasyl Lomachenko out-boxing Guillermo Rigondeaux).

- Over-powering: A boxer overwhelming an opponent by landing punches that are more damaging / inflicts more damage than the punches that they receive from their opponent (George Foreman over-powering Joe Frazier).

- Ducking: A boxer who avoids a bout against a mandatory challenger or another champion in their own, respective weight division or a boxer who refuses to box against someone who they call out (E.G. Riddick Bowe ducking Lennox Lewis by throwing his belt into the garbage, Gennady Golovkin ducking Andre Ward by calling him out and not facing him and Floyd Mayweather ducking Amir Khan by making a poll and claiming he would fight the winner of who the fans want him to face next most and then refusing to fight Amir Khan after Amir Khan won the vote).

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