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Originally Posted by hypodermical View Post
theres no reason for pacquiao to retire if he still wants to keep fighting.

1. he'd be turning down a lot of money by retiring.
2. he can still fight and beat most if not any opponent as long as he does not eat KO punches. (this means he would probably decision most fights but still win)
3. that is not how he should go out.

if he gets beat up or KO'ed after coming back, then he should definitely retire.

what pac needs to do is test himself and see if that devastating KO ended his career or not. and most importantly he needs to dedicate himself to boxing (a combat sport where u put ur health on the line) and quit all his side hobbies like being a governor, basketball, singing. he sucks in every single one of them anyways.
I think Marquez cracked that chin from now on Pacquiao will look like Khan in the ring
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