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Originally Posted by //// View Post
As an ethnoreligion they've mostly reproduced over the generations in isolation with very low external mixture (genetic testing verified this).

If you take a group that already faces long-term eugenic pressures (such as diaspora/invasion) which lead to a higher average IQ and minimize mixture with low IQ groups, those unique traits are amplified.

Similar reason Scandinavian IQ (used to, before mass immigration plunged the numbers down) be high, harsh selective environment + speciation breeding geographic isolation.

Same for Japan and China (very high seasonal climate variation is selective pressure strongly correlated to IQ and very present in these countries + despite their large populations, quite "pure"). The size of the Han Chinese pop despite its relative purity & high IQ is insane to think about.

Diasporic Christian minorities who have survived in the Middle East through the generations also exhibit high testing & income metrics upon migrating to the west. Selective pressure would be genocide/persecution and again, isolated breeding.

I would wager old school Utah Mormon IQ is also quite high.

(Isolated breeding alone does not=high IQ, it has to be combined with selective pressure. For ex the most inbred regions in the world are equatorial, but they face minimal selective pressure & have stagnated in stable climates for hundreds of generations, so it's actually a bad thing. In those groups, IQ tends to increase dramatically upon mixture with outsiders).

Basically isolated breeding of any type will just amplify any traits present in that population while interbreeding gradually resets them to average.
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