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Originally Posted by danceswithfire View Post
well, the ring is also a public poll which means it is accesible even to people who are not boxing fans...

dont bother with the link, i have it saved, here:
Jake Donavan 115-113 pacquiao
Cliff Rold 115-113 pacquiao
Graham Houston Fight -Pacquiao
Stephen Edaward boxing 116-112 Pacquiao
Scott Shaffer boxing 115-113 Pacquiao
Greg Leon Boxing - 115-114 Pacquiao
Doveed Linder Boxing Draw
Mike Slone, 116-113 Marquez
Robert Guerrero: Marquez
Steve Cunningham: Marquez
Marvin Hagler: Marquez
Steve Kim, 115-113 Marquez
Graham Shaw, 116-113 Marquez
Recah Trinidad, Marquez
Max Kellerman, HBO: 114-114 Draw
Brian Arman Graham, Sports Illustrated: 114-114 Draw
Tim Dahlberg, Associated Press: 114-114 Draw
Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports: 114-114 Draw
Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN/Reuters: 114-114 Draw
Dan Rafael, ESPN: 114-114 Draw
Brian Campbell, ESPN Mobile: 114-114 Draw
george Elsasser, 114-114 Draw
Jake Emen, 114-114 Draw
Jeff Powell, Daily Mail (UK): 114-114 Draw
Gareth Davies, London Telegraph: 114-114 Draw
Larry Merchant, HBO: Draw
Elie Seckbach, News: 114-114 Draw
Teddy June, 114-114 Draw
Rick Reeno, 114-114 Draw
Robert Ecksel, 114-114 Draw
Frank Baltazar, Fight Manager/Inductee, California Boxing Hall of Fame: 115-115 Draw
john Whisler, San Antonio Express: Draw or Pacquiao
Hamlet Kim, Christian Post: Draw or Pacquiao
Adam Pollack, The Cyber Boxing Zone: Draw or Pacquiao
Chris Broussard, ESPN: Draw or Marquez
Justin Tate, 114-114 Draw
Bam on Boxing, ************.com: 114-114 Draw
Doug Fischer, Ring Magazine: 114-114 Draw
Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review-Journal: 114-114 Draw
Gary Andrew Pool, The Atlantic: 114-114 Draw
Leighton Ginn, Desert Sun: Draw
Doveed Linder, **********.com: 114-114 Draw
Bob Papa, HBO: Draw
Andrew Eisele, 115-115 Draw
Charles Horgan, Boxing Tribune: 114-114 Draw
Kevin Cunningham, Boxing Trainer: Draw
Harold Lederman, HBO: 116-112 Pacquiao
Joseph Herron, FightSaga: 116-112 Pacquiao
Scoop Malinowski, *************: Pacquiao
Cliff Rold, 115-113 Pacquiao
Jim Lampley, HBO: Pacquiao
Randy Gordon, former Chairman, New York State Athletic Commission; former editor, Ring Magazine: Pacquiao
Allen Barra, The Atlantic: 116-113 Pacquiao
Sean Sullivan, BoxingDigest: 115-114 Pacquiao
Michael Rosenthal, Editor, Ring Magazine: 115-113 Pacquiao
Jake Donovan, 115-113 Pacquiao
Ken Hissner, 118-110 Pacquiao
Jose Castillo, Fight Manager: Pacquiao
James Foley, 115-114 Pacquiao
Anthony Lee, ************.com: 116-112 Pacquiao
Graham Houston, Pacquiao
Danny Serratelli, ******** 115-113 Pacquiao
Ace Freeman, 115-113 Pacquiao
Tony Paige, WFAN/CBS New York: Pacquiao
Eurosport Yahoo!: 116-115 Pacquiao
Scott Shaffer, **********.com: 115-113 Pacquiao
Nate Ravitz, ESPN: 117-111 Pacquiao
Patrick L. Stumberg, 115-113 Pacquiao
Colin Seymour, 115-113 Pacquiao
Jason Peck, ******** 116-112 Pacquiao
Steve Busfield, The Guardian: 116-114 Pacquiao
Nick Fox, Bad Left Hook: 115-113 Pacquiao
Stephen Edwards, **********.com: 115-113 Pacquiao
Dan Hill, Wall Street Journal: Pacquiao
Max Parker, Boxing Watchers: 115-114 Pacquiao
Adam Hirshfield, Bleacher 115-113 Pacquiao
King J Gladney, 115-113 Pacquiao
Michael David Smith, AOL NEWS/MMA 115-113 Pacquiao
Madra Uladh, ******** 115-113 Pacquiao
Michael Woods, 115-114 Pacquiao
Brad Cooney, Pacquiao by one round
"Old Yank" Schneider, 115-114 Pacquiao
Sam Gerasi, Pacquiao
Greg Leon, **********.com: 115-114 Pacquiao
Darrell La Montre, **********.com: 115-113 Pacquiao
Don Donatello, Pacquiao
Terra (Brazil): 116-112 Pacquiao
Joel Huerto, SportsFanLive: Pacquiao
Robert Smith, General Secretary, British Boxing Board of Control: Pacquiao
The Unofficial scorecards of the media/analyst:[Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

and like i said , MAJORITY had it close...
Only 8 people scored it for JMM but 40 people scored it for Pac?

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
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