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Originally Posted by Stokely View Post
Lmao you have no response to these facts so you have to resort to personal insults. Your blood is boiling at the fact that mexicans donít run boxing, the vast majority of your champions canít sell tickets and arenít big draws and the only people keeping boxing relevant in America are black boxers. The most anticipated big money fights all include black boxers. (Davis vs. Loma, Spence vs. Crawford, Wilder vs. Fury/AJ). The Ēmexicans run boxingĒ myth is done for
Why would my blood be boiling??? How old are you to feel that it's a victory for you to know that Jose Ramirez fight tickets are dirt cheap?? Does that really brighten up your day????
Me, i don't care one way or another about which fighter sells the most tickets or which fighter makes the most money. Like i said earlier.... I get no money from boxers so what they sell or what they get paid is of no concern to me. I wish every boxer could sell like Floyd cause they all risk their lives in the ring but if not then oh well... Makes no difference to me.
See I'm a boxing fan not a cheerleader. I support boxing in general. If i see a good fight on TV then I'll watch it regardless of who's fighting and on what network. If there's a good fight on ppv then ill order it if i think it's worth it. I've been to plenty of live fights that involved main event black fighters. I went to go see Floyd fight Moseley live. I've ordered at least 10 mayweather ppv fights. I've seen Canelo fight live also. I've seen Pacquiao live too.
But in reality not one single fighter runs boxing. Not Mexicans, not blacks, not whites, nobody.
So what exactly are you trying to prove???
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