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^ ^ Well, thanks Toronto! [I've fought in Montreal one time and Whitehorse (you haven't heard of a chap name Ted James??)]
I'm trying to do a four or three bout comeback (147lbs. That's my "natural weight" since 1977) &..started working out again from 3-1-13. Scully saw me in the Gym once, before he moved to Florida for 18 mo.
I stop going into the San Juan Center because of something "else". this little- "stupid"/ DIG I am faced with now for past five years.
I'll explain that a little bit and then wrap-this-up.
In April/2011 I got into a Public Bus here in New Britain, CT., was 10 at night. Was catching the last one going home. I have about a 2 1/2 mile distance-to-cover. WELL...the driver was "someone" I always was friendly towards. This night I was talking to her and......... I honestly believe the gal musta "had a bad day".
I could bite-it up a little bit better on what happens in these minutes but...suffice it to say here/now..I did "NOTHING" to cause myself any "Trouble".
I think.....the Bus Co. involved, it's a "self esteem" thing on their side. I am NOT the only one this has happened to. Though, "settlement", I'm really NOT INTERESTED in anyone else same "claim" /ONLY INTERESTED IN "MY CASE"!
It's "doppy" they would do this! But, the BUS CO. been "banning me" from riding the BUS now more than five years.
Their are three Co., it effects me at times and other times it hasn't.
The case situation is The Right to Exclude vs Public Accommodations. If we bring it to court, "I win". You have to research it past "the gypsy $40 answer lawyers".it is Pretty clear by the law-books.
I figure I have about Six months left to file. Unless/"new situation" comes. (I haven't used the normal system for past six mo)
I can't realistically say on "public forum" all what's in my mind a doubt this matter. But....I come to myself call it, "an Illegal censorship" by a Public Utility. The Public Utility is a "common carrier" = CITY PUBLIC BUS.
I have been quote costs a lot to take this case.'s "too much" $$.
Anyway, am yet searching for a law firm to take this if it's possible. The case is in "two stages" now. I'm looking for a $ settlement (that's "not talking" the matter of being "blocked" being lifted. Of course!) for OOC ("out of court"). I think, MAYBE can "settle OOC".
I was talking to one Veterans Advocate (NOT A LAWYER) for two hours and three min one day about this matter. "Henry"! First time I ever crossed his path. WHAT A "GOOD GUY!" Henry suggest I go for "jobs/pensions". From July 1 no matter the stage we are in I'm gonna start concentrating like THAT! Henry sent me a "long list" of contact points at FED LEVEL.
I could "place" the case myself for $750.00.
So. This "Bus Case" put me OFF "the workouts". Rightfully so because it is "unique case" and it is ultra important to "settle" it ("one way or another")
Lawyers are such "bull****" nearly every one of them look at their "work" what $$ signs you can "place in their lap" more than anything. I've -met- a few who are "very decent" but...they "make me sick"/by-and-large.
I'm offering a $20,000.00 cut from a successful OOC settlement (is not "standard %". "Court"/I'm suing them +1 m.$)
It is some details to "LOOK AT".
After I settle this gonna pick-up where I left off. Have some plans/ideas there.
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