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how long have you trained for?

its completely normal man dont even worry about it. it is completely normal for any person when they get put into a situation of fighting that all thought goes out the window and all you want to do is survive. that will be your first real test as a fighter. the only way you will get over this natural fear is more experience in sparring. with time and sparring experience you'll get over it and you'll be able to use all technique.

the best thing you can do is make sure your cardio is excellent because when your not relaxed especially starting out, that tense anxiety you get will cause you to gas out and you want to do your best to supplement that with excellent cardio. as you learn to calm yourself down and relax then youll be fine.

also learn to just deal with the fact that your going to get hit. even defense gods like mayweather jr, ali and a prime beast of a man tyson got hit when they started. once your mind accepts that then all your techniques will flow.

in my experience, even though im still getting over getting hit, i feel like the early minutes or rounds of sparring is a warm up and after getting hit a few times it doesnt bother me much because my mind accepts it faster and faster with every sparring session and also i learned that if you stay attentive and know whats coming you can react even in the smallest way to dampen or avoid the hit so you never take a full on hit. just learn to stay calm and train your eyes to always stay looking forward. that will be the hardest thing to train your eyes because its natural to flinch when something is flying at your face. once you eyes are trained and your learn to relax then all is left is to let your technique out and sharpen it up.

dont feel down about not looking good in your first experience or for the next 100 rounds of sparring because thats the only way youll learn to condition your mind and eyes for fighting. youll notice that the more and more rounds you get under your belt, the quicker and quicker your mind will accept the fact youll get hit and eventually you wont have to go through that process and youll be layin fools out!

ps: a strategy that you might try doing is visually more when you shadowbox. yeah im sure you already are but really really try and visualize a person and how they throw each punch from feet to hips to shoulders and arms and then react accordingly. This helped me to get used to really applying what im visualizing to the person sparring me.

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