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Originally Posted by Adamjr91 View Post
Let's be honest with ourselves. There is not a single reason as towhy Venezuela has failed as a nation state. However, it is freely admitted in Washington that the USA has been at war with Socialism since 1945.

We know the USA ravages its neighbors and treats its own poor citizens like trash. However that is for a different thread.

Right now we are discussing where the victims of this terrible tragedy should be re housed. Maybe we can send them to the moon?

Corbyn has always been rebel backbencher because the man has principles that he stands by. Are his beliefs and ideas radical? Well, only if you're put of the establishment. What is so crazy about staying out of foreign wars, nationalising railways, providing public sector workers nurses/teachers/firemen a payrise for the first time in a decade?

The system is rigged and Corbyn is attempting to rebalance it. Which is why you have Rupert Murdoch has his mates viciously attacking Corbyn on all fronts.

If you're siding with the Sun/DM and their corrupt party of toffs in all of this, theres not much left to say.

Nationalising railways is completely necessary. They still subsidise these private companies anyway it's a joke.

What always gets me is that a Tory government has no revenue apart from taxation.

Tories don't do anything because they never do anything about anything other than sell things without the fundamental understanding that when you sell something it's not yours anymore.

The NHS for example could make it's own simple medical supplies at cost. Simple stuff like dressings, saline solution, various skin prep solutions, generic meds. NHS trusts get it at cost here and we can sell everything abroad utilising the NHS brand.

Out of all the bright sparks in this country why isn't the NHS in itself essentially a global commercial brand? Selling expertise, treatments, and medical supplies. 'Keeping people alive since the 1940's and not ruining their fucking lives could be their tag-line'

Offer private care within NHS hospitals. If Lord Twatface goes into hospital to get his kidney stones removed and he doesn't want to stay in a bay with the plebs he can pay for his own side room.

Patients' currently pay an outside company if they want access to a tele, films etc (it is really expensive too about 15 a day). That shouldn't exist. Don't renew that contract ffs, because how can you allow that profiteering and have a nurse in ICU on 21k a year? Patients' should pay the NHS for the tele not hospedia or whatever that company is.

It's expensive but develop new drugs including the ones we need like new antibiotics (we know there's no money in them but we do need new ones or we'll be dying of simple infections in a 100 years). But develop drugs for the drugs that insidious health issues that cost us billions and have the biggest human cost.

Right now it's dementia and for me it likely always will be until the antibiotics stop working. Living too long and losing our marbles. It will happen to a lot of us the simple physiology of ageing.

If the NHS developed a drug that stopped the aggregrate of the protein within the brain that causes alzheimers (there is already a drug like that) but requires funding and human trials. If Britain successfully developed a preventative drug for that it would save health and social care billions upon billions upon billions. And the NHS could sell it for billions upon billion upon billions.

The NHS itself can also commit to fundraising imo.

The NHS especially is in the situation that it needs more government involvement not less. Certainly not devolving powers to individual cities and ring fencing spending. That isn't going to help.

And Grenfell towers shows us we need more government involvement at local level where social inequalities are there highest. Kensington is lucky they elected a labour MP this time because nothing will be swept under the rug.

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