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Originally Posted by boliodogs View Post
Yes indeed he is pound for pound one of the best. You have pound for pound mixed up with resume. If it was resume they would call it resume and not pound for pound. Resume is who you fought and how you did with them. Pound for pound is just how good you think a fighter is for his pounds and who you think he can beat. His potential. He doesn't have to have beaten top guys. If most people think he can beat the top guys based on recent fights then he gets a high pound for pound rating.
But surely resume plays a role in this, right? I mean, I could schedule matches against every 11 year old in the neighborhood, and look like SRR, dancing around, putting them to sleep. But that wouldn’t make me a great P4P, would it? Resume must be important.

Much as I hate to admit it because I suspect he takes steroids/HGH, Canelo has the best resume in boxing. As far as I can tell, he has ducked no one.
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