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Originally Posted by The Gambler1981 View Post
This flip side is you are blaming Wilder for all that.

Povetkin played a pretty damn large role in that fight getting slow rolled, which is exactly how he and his team did when he was Wlad's mandatory.

Eddie Chambers when? How is he that much different from Malik Scott? Adamek who got punished by Molina and Szpilka? Haye who barely fought? Wlad who barely fought and we have been over? Fury who took a different route then never fought again?

So tell me how is any of that Wilder's fault? Two you listed are no one at heavy, the other 3 fought very sparingly the last several years.

When has Parker showing any inkling of making something happen Wilder is clearly above him in the pecking order. If Parker fights Joshua fair play on that decent enough fight, but then you get back to wanting Wilder to fight someone with a pulse? Who is that? Someone who doesn't really exist or is available.

So you would be putting Wilder in an impossible spot just like you wanting him to fight guys who were doing other things and wanted no part of Wilder. Not that they were scarred or reticent to fight him just they did different things for whatever reason (more money, better opportunity, less risk whatever the reason may be).
No am not blaming Wilder for all of that, am listing all the names that he has pass by in the time he was an HW coming up, challenger, and a champion and he didnít get a single one of them in the ring with him. You seem to put his 10 years, 39 fights mediocre resume on everyone else but him.

It would be like Joshua being a pro for 10 years and having a resume like that, and for one reason or the other itís everyone elseís fault but Joshua.

Guess what? Kell Brook had that same career as Wilder before he fought Spence and guess what we blast him for it over here and he is a Brit like myself. I didnít blame everyone at 147, I place the blame firmly at Brook door. No way you go 10 years in one division and convienently blame others for your mediocre resume, then when you feel you are willing to take a risk you want to rush everyone else.

Maybe Parker and Joshua should go his 10 years route and then start calling out Debouis once they feel more comfortable to step up after 40 fights.
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