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You keep bringing up race and color as a reason MOST people don't find the heavyweight division exciting. Where exactly is this information coming from? What proof do you have of this? I don't see anyone saying thats the reason they find it boring and unless you're able to psychoanalyze everyone you think that about (and over a computer no less) than you're full of crap.
Don't forget to add nationalism to that as well. Everyone loves to win. Look at when Jack Johnson was winning against white club fighters when he was champion. Caucasians not only hated him cause of that but would degrade his accomplishments and say Jim Jefferies would beat him. Black america did not care if Johnson was ducking black boxers as long as he was beating white club fighters. The same guy today that is being praised as one of the greatest ever considering his best victory was against someone coming off years of inactivity and out of shape. Lot of people like to follow their own kind. Look at before the fights, they sing the national anthems of their place of origin. You're being naive if you think race, nationality, color, etc doesn't play with boxing. Also look at people that love defensive boxers who don't get hit often and happen to be black, they turn around and critizice the Klits for "boxing" as well, top it off most of their fights end in knockouts. The same knockouts people tuned in to watch Tyson even if he fought against the typical tomato can.

The reason its seen as boring is because its like pulling teeth to get the best contenders to fight one another. When we do get that they're slow and out of shape more times than not. Its seen as boring because the two most dominant fighters do not seek and destroy in spite of having massive advantages in skill and more time than not, size.
They get the knockouts. Mayweather and many other boxers don't seek and destroy. Look at the advantages Lewis had against the much shorter Holyfield and Tyson. He gets praised left and right because he beat them considering they weren't exactly prime boxers. You out of all people know boxing back then wasn't exciting because most major fights were clinchfests by the 5th round. I told you that before and you didn't respond to that. Also if they were so boring they wouldn't be selling out places time and time again.

Take a poll and ask what people prefer from their heavyweights, guys who are dominant but play it safe or guys who go balls to the wall. I promise you it would be lopsided in favor of the latter. I don't doubt there are some who don't like the Klits for their color, but the majority could care less and find the division boring for the reasons I named.
Making a poll here about the Klits won't be a fair one. That's as credible as me making one in a Russian website. Besides most people on here are idiots who usually follow one or a small group of boxers.

Gene Tunney was never accepted in his time because he came after Dempsey and was thought of as a thinking mans fighter, ie, boring. Holmes, same thing. Micheal Moorer because he wasn't the killer at heavyweight as he was at light heavyweight. People are drawn towards warriors, thats the bottom line. The whole race excuse is a fabrication with nothing to back it up made up by guys who cannot understand why people aren't as fascinated with certain fighters as they are.
Holmes getting praised around here much more than he deserves and Moorer sucks. People are not drawn to total warriors, that is such a false statement. The race excuse isn't a fabrication. Take out all these black dominating players playing basketball and put them in another sport. Bet basketball won't be watched as much. Look at Tiger Woods, no one gave a **** about golf till he showed up. Take Mexicans out of soccer and boxing and put them somewhere else. Same change.
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