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Originally Posted by Ukr_Alex View Post
I agree, but there are many out there that will come out and say "This is boxing not fighting..."

I agree with you as to why they are boring and that race is not a factor in the bigger picture, however it would be ignorant to say that it has no influence...By race I mean nationality. If you dont agree, thats your opinion I wont argue because I do not see the point in arguing something that is beyond obvious. Overall people dont like it because the division is boring. Agree 100%, but if the Klits were American, yanks would love them...its called pride and everyone has it. Two American brothers holding all the heavy belts...THere would have been 5 movies about them by now...This is the kinda drama feel good story that Americans adore. Two brothers, sons of an air force officer...
They would be front right and center of that "American F1CK Yeah" song/video.
Agree. It's not race, it's nationality NATIONALITY NATIONALITY.

Look at how hard Lennox Lewis was bashed during his days. American Haters like to say 'Oh But Lennox was boring'

If you go through every single fight of Tyson's and Lennox's, you will find that the number of exciting fights they have had is around the same. You can even make a case that from 1990+ onwards, Lennox had more exciting fights.
Let's look at Lennox from 1990+ and his big fights.
Bruno- Slug Fest
Ruddock- Destruction
Morrison-technical beat down, can't really say that's boring
Marovic-Technical beat down.
Tyson-death of a legend beat down.
The only big fights which Lennox should have done more in was
Holyfield 1 2 and Tua. Lennox actaully had just as many exciting fights as Iron Mike. If Lewis was American, he will be a boxing God
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

He is getting his dues now, because the HW Division is being dominated by two Eastern Europeans. But believe me, if it was two Americans dominating the HW'S, who knows how long Lennox would have had to wait before he got his just dues and just rankings.

American Bias is surreal. They had Holyfield ranked ahead of Lewis in 1997, Lewis was coming off a beat down of Prime Golota, Holyfield went life and death with Vaughn...............

That being said, to all the retarded Kbro fans who claim it's because they are not slick and black, THAT'S WHY AMERICA DON'T LOVE THEM. That's stupid and moronic. Kbros are boring, but effective combine those traits with them being Eastern Europeans and it = death of the HW Division in America.
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