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Default carry on boxing or keep modelling?

what's up guys?

I am new to this forum but have been boxing for quite a while now (not competitively - will start if I get over my dilemma).
However I am in a very stupid situation at the moment. I am a student and have been earning my money to support myself through modelling.

My problem is that I love boxing! All what I do all day is box in the air (when not at the gym) and watch boxing on tv/internet.

So I am not sure what to do, keep on boxing (I know I won't turn professional) and let my model agency to f*** off! Or shall I quit boxing because I need the money?

The thing that is scaring me is that I will eventually break my nose sometime very soon (as do most boxers). I don't give a f*** about the pain but am too scared that my face will look f***ed up after the break and hence my job will be on the line...

What shall I do guys? I am really stressed over this...
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