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who's the more "effective" villain is what the TS is asking...........

which means which one gets under your skin the most. a villain is about fear, getting under your skin. making you feel uncomfortable........thats HANDS DOWN FLOYD.

villains are also EXTREMELY good at what they do. example..........shang tsung, mortal kombat. freeza, dragon ball z. although their hated they are VERY good at what they do. they have mastered their arts & skills. even though their hated it's hard not to acknowledge how insanely great they are as fighters.........with these guys theres no mistaken the hate for how good they are as fighters.......this adds to the fear, & uncomfortable feeling with these guys (being such good fighters. almost to the point where no one can stop them)

with marg you don't get that feeling at all. although he's a villain he doesn't make you too uncomfortable. he doesn't get under your skin......he's no where near as good to deem him mastering his art & nearly unstoppable.

marg is more of a under boss who's one of "freezas" helpers.

just look at all the hate for mayweather in this thread alone....the mayweather name attracts realty people are afraid of how good this guy can possibly be.......they want to see him knocked out to stop him from potentially being 1 of the greatest fighters of all time because he looks way too good & flaunts too much......

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