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Originally Posted by hayZ View Post
What do you workouts consist of right now? and what do you plan on making your workouts consist of when you aim to get down to that weight?

I am kind of in the same boat as you, I'm 5"11 at 180 pounds, aiming to get down to about 170 then do a clean bulk to about 175 (don't want to get heavier than that). Now I'm the strongest I have ever been and I am cutting lol.
what's do you think your lean (at 10%) body weight is? what's your lift stats?

i go to the gym mondays to thursdays. exercises are in order of execution..

monday- chest
4 sets of bench press (usually 5-7 reps, i'll do a single or two now and then)
4 sets of flat dumbbell
4 sets of incline dumbbell
3 sets of cable crossovers

tuesday - back
6-8 sets of deadlifts
4 sets of straight bar cable pulldowns
4 sets of machine pull
4 sets of freemotion cable pulldowns superset with 4 sets of another different angled cable pulldown

wednesday - arms
4-5 sets of dumbbell shoulder press
4 sets of machine lateral flies
3 sets of bent over lateral flies
3-4 sets of dumbbell curls
3-4 sets of concentration curls

thursday - legs
5-7 sets of squats
5-7 sets of leg press machine
(..and on occasions i do)
3 sets with hamstring machine
3 sets with machine where you kick one leg back

i feel like my leg workouts are lacking the most. at the same time, i do spend about 45 minutes in the studio room doing all kinds of conditioning stuff after every workout. i used to hate doing back and it used to be my weakness, now i look forward to back days. i don't do much core also, i feel i get more than enough core workout from the deadlifts.

when i get under 180lbs and closer to my goal weight i'll probably toss everything out except deadlifts and squats. then i'll probably start doing olympic style lifting as well. and of course a bunch of conditioning...
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