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His career wouldn't have changed much. He gave Castillo an immediate rematch and beat him mire clearly. He didnt wait a couple of fights like most people do.

There still would have been NO Pacman fight as long as Floyd wasn't with Top Rank. The guy was smart enough to get help from Al Hayman to buy out his contract so Arum would stop robbing him blind. Arum has been trying to destroy Floyd ever since.

Its funny that when people asked Cotto a year ago, he said out of his own mouth that he NEVER pursued a Mayweather fight. People disregard it because it just sounds better to say Floyd ducked. And any reference to Margarito should be thrown out of the window. THIS GUY BLATANTLY CHEATED THE SPORT AND COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE! He doesn't deserve any credit for being someone who was "ducked". People hate Floyd so much that they rather give more credit to a blatant cheater.

At the end of the day- Floyd resume is only debatable due to a personal like-ability factor with his character. I could go out and say a ton of negative and unrealistic stuff about Floyd today, and gain thousands of new friends. Then use his resume as a cover up when questioned about it
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