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Originally Posted by Boxing Logic View Post
Another Al Haymon fighter, another difficult opponent ducked. This is why Haymon boxers get no respect. For example, he actually has a few guys LATELY who have been chasing the best fights, unlike before, such as Spence, and who knows maybe even the Charlo twins (last year has been good, we'll see if it continues), and those are usually the guys I like, but I've been conditioned for so many years to expect Haymon boxers to duck the best that it's hard for me to even warm to them. Plus, Spence turned down Cotto to face Lamont Peterson... it will be hard to get over that one as a fan, ever. That was an opportunity for a star making fight for Spence and a mouth watering matchup for fans (more skilled, more prime Spence vs past prime, but possibly bigger... or possibly not... Cotto). I mean, Spence is actually a weight bully, so he probably would have had the size advantage over Cotto, too. But who knows. Spence had some issues with Brook, so that could have been a great fight. instead, we get the crappy Peterson fight.

So, I dislike Spence for doing that, but otherwise I would like him, except he's with Haymon. So I know to expect bull**** in the future, at least based on what's happened in the past. And that's why even when a few Haymon boxers do the right things, it's very difficult to like them as a fan, because at the end of the day they're still with Haymon, and Haymon still seems to steer their careers in ways that are bad for fans and bad for the sport.
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