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Originally Posted by Marchegiano View Post
That's a whole lot of steps, even if they're simple, that Fitzs did not have to take. While this 190 has tummy cramps because he's holding a **** Bob's sipping sherry and feeling good.

During Sully's era the name that most often regarded as the man he should have fought but didn't is Godfrey, the colored champion, who was not a big'un. Corbett and Fitzs are your next champions, hardly big dudes....maybe I missed your point but Sullivan's dominance alone does not equate to big men trouncing small men, it equates to Sullivan being dominant in his era. Small men surrounded him and took over after him.

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I could be wrong but wasn't that the same time p4p was first used?

Before the 190s were forced out you didn't see many 160s or 170s after Burns. That makes sense given the minimal for HW was 175 since 1920. And of course a 160 lber would never be allowed to try again. So is Willard really that good or did he get protected by the smaller pool of fighters?

from Dempsey until the 60s the 185ers did just fine and are well represented. The minimal becomes 190 and like magic the new good small end of the division is 190s.

190 lingered but probably had the roughest time. I'd say when the 200+ was edging out the 190s is probably the strongest argument for good big men...because who do boxing fans have to rep the 190s in the 70s or 80s? Lucky to have Spinks I memory. One could argue being big was cool in that era, it's the Arnold era in film and the explosion of things like Strong Man come from that era, but, I'm just saying you could make that argument not actually suggesting that's why Spinks is so lonely for sure.

Then the new min becomes 200+ and several small men grab titles including a MW who made weight.

Now here we are with 201 as the min and a champion who debuted at 207 and fights often at 215.

The smaller end of the division's always done fine. It's been moved loads and forced the smaller end to be larger over time but I really don't see much argument for one demographic displacing the other without sanction bodies making it happen.

It wasn't that long ago Haye gave up 99lbs to whoop Valuev ... because in all honesty being huge doesn't make you good and a whole demographic of huge and good is unheard of. Wlad was huge and good and smashed Haye. Nikolai was never very good, just huge, and got whooped.

Could you imagine Wilder weighing in at 215 and fighting a 116? Haye took Valuev's belt though.

Fun talk buds.
My point is actually that 190 is plenty big.

I do see where you are coming from.

In his prime Billy Conn was the finest fighting machine on the planet.

Andre Ward beat Clemente Russo who had no trouble beating both Usyk and Wilder.

If Fitz had been prime when he fought Jeffries...
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