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Originally Posted by hayZ View Post
Completely disagree with exclusives not being that important. They shift consoles. Why would people go with a PS4 over an Xbox at this point? Really 2 reasons.

1) Exclusive games - When you have games like Days Gone, The Last of Us, Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Uncharted that are ONLY out on Playstation. That is HUGE. Those games are top of the line. Xbox just can't compare with the sheer number of QUALITY exclusives that Playstation has to offer. All Xbox games are available on PC now too, this is one less reason to pick up an Xbox. If you want to play a Microsoft game, you can just play it on PC now. You don't have to buy an Xbox. I really wanted to play Sunset Overdrive, it's out on PC now.

2) More of their friends own a Playstation now because of how badly Microsoft screwed up at the beginning of this generation. The Xbox One ran games worse than the PS4, they didn't have any QUALITY exclusives to warrant people picking up an Xbox, it was more expensive AND the Microsoft top brass proved that they didn't really give a **** what gamers thought at E3.

Right now, the Xbox One X runs all multiplats the best from consoles but it is pricier than the PS4 Pro and it still is lacking quality exclusives. No point picking one up now when the next Xbox is likely out next year. I really think some people here are severely lowering the importance of exclusives. It's more important for Sony than for Microsoft because Xbox has a better online infrastructure so they need any edge they can get. With Microsoft offering all of their exclusives on PC, it's one less reason to buy an Xbox in the future.
Agreed, and that is why the PS5 will dominate next gen, just like they did this gen(Unless Sony messes up like they did during the PS3 era but I doubt it).

People are already looking forward to sequels to games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War (Just imagine Kratos vs Thor ), Spiderman, maybe Bloodborne. That itself will sell consoles. A lot of people downplay the sales of the exclusives for Nintendo & Sony that I mentioned in my first post & always try to compare it to the like of COD & GTA.. Not every game has to sell 20 million + to be considered successful or important.. Thats like saying every movie that doesnt make Avengers Endgame & Avatar money is a flop. It was recently revealed that Mortal Kombat X sold 11 million copies, making it the best selling one to date.. across 3 platforms. Thats considered a success but Uncharted 4 & Horizon Zero Dawn selling 10 million a piece isnt?? These XBox fanboys are crazy lol. Horizon's sales are even more impressive considering its a new IP, coming from a studio known for making linear first person shooters & their last one (Killzone Shadowfall) was lackluster.

The fact that Sony was able to secure Spiderman as an exclusive & give it to a great developer like Insomniac is crazy.. Spiderman is only one of the biggest & most iconic comicbook characters of all time.. You get a game like that exclusive to your console, its gonna sell.
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