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Originally Posted by Redd Foxx View Post
OMG, you're one of these ps4 f@gg0ts that is insecure about your GAMING CONSOLE.
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"sales say otherwise" GTFO. The fact that there's 4 competitive platforms and has been for YEARS is proof of what I'm saying. Back when exclusives really mastered, companies were putting other companies out of business because of the exclusives. Now, more and more people are able to play popular games on multiple platforms so choosing which platform is less critical then ever.

They need a ps4 dildo for all these nerds that love to spam the internet with this shyt. And, for the record, I've owned two Playstations, I've nothing against Sony. I've just noticed they have some weird ass fanboys.
Why Would I be be "insecure" about my gaming console when I have all three lol.. The fact is exclusives matter, bottom line.. If they dont matter, why did all of a sudden MS decide to buy a bunch of studios? Why did MS decide to pay for having timed exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider?? Phil Spencer himself said they needed it because they didnt have anything that could compete with Uncharted 4 which was supposed to release around the same time.. Exclusives dont matter? How was Playstation able to catch up & ultimately sell more PS3's worldwide than 360's?? It wasnt the power of multiplats, I'll tell you that.. They dont matter? Then why are games like God of War & Spiderman still selling? Go check NPD numbers & look at how much they're still selling. Whatever helps you sleep at night chief..
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