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Originally Posted by Jubei View Post
About GGG haters/bias and racism in boxing

Itís not unheard of. Just like white America had a massive collective hard-on for Jack Johnson back when the heavyweight championship was the biggest prize in sports (and the sole domain of white-skinned pugilists), once boxingís most coveted title became the domain of African Americans, prideful black fans learned to be antagonistic to white heavyweight contenders during Muhammad Aliís reigns (and beyond). One of my earliest boxing memories is of a lady in church going off on Jerry Quarry (her tirade shocked and confused me because of its intensity and because I had no idea she followed boxing Ė she really wasnít a fan, she was black and proud and Ali had become a cultural hero by the 1970s). Black boxing fans I knew in the 1980s and Ď90s did not have nice things to say about Gerry Cooney or Tommy Morrison (who I liked and supported, which many of my black friends found annoying). They more I cheered for Morrison, the more they booed his white ass. And, man, when he would get knocked out (which happened, often in brutal fashion) there was a celebration. LOL.

The hate/racial bias for GGG (which is real) seems out of control because of social media. Itís like all of the s__t talk about a fighter that used to be confined to barber shops and locker rooms has been put into a very far-reaching public forum. The backlash against GGG is, in my opinion, a product of his fast rise to prominence (in both the media and the sport), his HBO affiliation/support, and his look/demeanor.

Golovkin, who was unknown to most of the fans who rip him today prior to his HBO debut in September 2012, climbed the middleweight rankings (and eventually the pound-for-pound lists) during a time when the sportís two most talented African-American boxers Ward and Mayweather were struggling (Ward with his inactivity; Mayweather with general public acceptance). Mayweather and Ward carry the mantle of black pride for a significant number of African-American fans because they are undefeated, dominant champions, and were, at one time, Nos. 1 and 2 in the mythical pound-for-pound rankings. Being a middleweight, Golovkin is a potential opponent for Mayweather, who was the junior middleweight champ, and Ward, the former super middleweight champ. That gets fans talking about potential fights, which sparks arguments when Golovkin fans opine that their man can beat the two best black boxers in the sport. (Plus Mayweather and Wardís diehard fans are already miffed that GGG is rated ahead of Ward on most P4P lists.) Of course, arguments on social media can easily and quickly turn ugly, and racial epithets are never far behind.

Adding fuel to the GGG hate is the media love for the Kazakhstan-born fighter. Heís the darling of the boxing press (as Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez have discovered). I was looking at BoxingScene.comís homepage on Tuesday night (about 10:45 p.m. PT) and found NINE headlines with Golovkinís name in it. Any news about Golovkin, it seems, is fit to post. LOL. This media love and HBOís usual marketing push for a contract fighter has created an added backlash from GGG haters because they feel like heís being crammed down their throats.

And finally, although mixed with Asian (and hailing from a country in Central Asia), Golovkinís skin is white and heís got a clean-cut look Ė short hair (sometimes with a part in it), no tattoos. Heís also polite and respectful outside of the ring. He just smiles, offers his sound bites and stays out of the usual mud-slinging between rival fighters, promoters and managers. This drives cretins crazy. (Trust me, Iím an expert on a__hole boxing fans.) They want the fighters they hate to engage with them, sink down to their level. GGG wonít do it, and it pisses a lot of them off. They actually like it when a white-skinned fighter they piss on spews some s__t back, which is one of the reasons Krusher Kovalev isnít as hated on as much as GGG.

By Doug Fisher, Editor of ******
^^^^^ All of this, in a ****ing nutshell.
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