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I hear you! but when I see senseless childlike put downs of the bros just to wind up a certain mr steelhammer , that to me is hating or perhaps its just clowing.

I agree there is a lack of elite opponents and some well written arguments for both sides, but some peeps hate is that strong they don't acknowledge anything positive about two fighters that deserve major props.

I'm personally a big mike Tyson fan i'd rather watch him than the bros any day , but I have developed a lot of admiration for what they've achieved over the years.

Just like a previous poster said without a crystal ball or time machine we don't know just how great they could be because that level of opponents has simply not being there. What we can do is look at what they have done with what's been available and boy has it been mighty impressive!

Wesley Snipes also said in Passenger 57..... 'Always bet on black' lol!

As you can see I don't take my self too seriously , I just tell it how I see it . i'm nearly 30 yrs old not sure about the drama queen thing.... if I see hate ..I call it and respect to me is if you either acknowledge certain values in something or lack of respect is when you degrade it and through sheer ignorance choose not to recognise any of these values

Originally Posted by lefthook2daliva View Post
To quote Wesley Snipes in Mo Betta' Blues: "Respect yo' self...".

I agree with the middle portion of your post. Aside from declining to fight one another, the brothers Klit do whatever they can to add luster to their respective HW reigns. If there were an Ali or a Joe Louis, etc. to fight, I'm quite certain they'd be arguing between themselves about who gets to fight him first.

They are dominant, but are they great? It's a fair question and a good (likely endless) argument.

I think that the main point of this thread was to slap around some of the more rabid Klit fans. From what I've seen, that was accomplished.

However, I disagree with your final statement. The word "hate" is way WAY overused on this forum. "Hater" is an idiotic, drooling, mouth-breathing classification used to deride people who usually entertain a mild dislike for a given fighter by the people who are fans of said fighter.

You know a classification that I like? "Drama-Queen". Most of the folks that use the term "hater" or "hata" can be pegged as "drama-queens". Respect is a word used in almost as clueless a fashion.

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