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I respect this post!

I'm no Klit nuthugger Just a guy who loves boxing and imo you can not deny The Klitchkos

They are awesome , completely dominant beaten loads of prospects , champions ect..... They will fight anyone! theY cant help the fact that an ali or frazier wasnt created in there life time.

Pay them their respect cos if you don't your a HATER

Originally Posted by cupocity303 View Post
Yes, and Elite is a rather vague term, don't you think?

What is Elite? A P4P Top 10? Someone who has won many world titles already?

If that's the case, then we would have to start digging for Former Heavyweight Champions, but they're all Has-been's now aren't they?

If you're a one-division fighter, especially a Heavyweight, you're only gonna fight Top rated Contenders or fellow Title Holder in Unification. Wlad has done both of those.

So what else is there to do? Fight a Multi-Division Champion? Well Thomas Adamek fits that Criteria (WBC Light-Heavy, IBF Cruiser Champ, Heavyweight Contender), but somehow I don't think TS or you will consider that a win over a "Elite".

SO what else is there to do? Ahh, fantasize about Wlad losing to Fighters from the past. Maybe if a Time-Machine gets invented, we can bring some of these old carcass's back to life to fight Wladimir Klitschko.

Until then, Thread Topic Closed.

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