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Originally Posted by revelated View Post
I said multiple times that I saw no possible way Manny Pacquiao would beat Floyd given his performance against Chris Algieri and his inability to get Algieri out of there OR seriously hurt him, plus his struggling with Bradley in two of the three fights and getting knocked out by Marquez after getting dropped - the same Marquez that Floyd walked through.

But let's talk about more important call outs.

Pac/Bradley 1: During the lead up presser when Bradley held up the fake rematch ticket, I knew the fix was in and I called that Bradley was going to win the fight.

Pac/Horn: I said MULTIPLE times that Jeff Horn was going to take Manny the distance. Mine was the lone voice around here - everyone else said "ohh Manny's about his first KO in years!!" "Jeff Horn is a bum" etc etc. We saw what happened. Even I didn't expect a win, but I damn sure didn't see Manny knocking the guy out. Not a guy who survived Randall Bailey. In fact I even said at the time it likely would end up another Pac/Bradley 1 situation with people screaming robbery.

Choco/Rungvisai 1: I called Choco losing the moment he got dropped. People around here said Srisaket cheated, headbutts, etc and Choco was P4P. We saw what happened.

Rungvisai/Choco 2: 30 day weigh in, I said Choco looks pudgy, not taking it serious and was going to get hurt. I got attacked like the plague, Choco's a legendary great, the first fight was a fluke, etc etc. We saw what happened.

Rungvisai/Estrada: I said I don't see Estrada getting a win out of this guy that eats rats. We saw what happened.

Rungvisai/Estrada 2: At first I called Rungvisai, but when he did the public workout standing by Roach I said, and I quote, "too civilized. Estrada's going to beat him." We saw what happened.

Canelo/Golovkin 1 and 2: I said I don't see any way Golovkin beats Canelo.

There's no magic here. Rungvisai is a beast, Canelo is the best skilled in the business and Pacquiao himself said he doesn't take guys out. It's obvious. That's not eye test, there's levels to it.

In the Rungvisai/Estrada rematch, if they hadn't shown him at the public workout with Roach, I would have said Estrada loses.

It's those key moments that don't match what the fighter SHOULD be doing that tells me when they're about to lose.
Thanks for getting back to me. I have no problem with ur assessments, we donít always get it right, but I appreciate people showing the math behind their work.
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