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Originally Posted by MurderDeathKill View Post
We all know Paul's deal; wants to fight anybody/everybody at 147-160. Still on that "most feared" thing, make of that what you will. Decent chin, crazy volume, great stamina, decent boxing skills. Avenged his lone loss violently. Has some names on his resume:

Mitchell (147)
Margarito (147)
Quintana (147)
Phillips (154)
Wright (160)
Martinez (160)
*Cintron (154)

I think at his best, he can beat everybody in his desired weight classes if he got the chance. I just don't see him going back to 147 and being strong by now. He's still screaming for Pac or Floyd, and I don't think he'll ever get either. His best bet is going after belts at MW or JMW imo.

Are you a Williams fan?
Who do you want him to fight next?
Who all can he beat?
How do you rate his resume and ability?
Will he go far in boxing, or will he falter?

What's NWO members' take on this guy?
Are you a Williams fan?

I am a fan, he's one of my favorites in the game. And ive met him a few times here in his hometown. Most peeps probably dont know (or care) but he's really cool dude.

Who do you want him to fight next?

Get a warm-up, Andy Kolle type fight. After that, maybe go after someone like Spinks, then Joel Julio, then Angulo. If he beats Angulo (and i think he can), try to fight Dzizdzrick (i butchered that dudes name, no disrespect to him tho) for the 154lb title. Then he should try to unify a couple 154lb titles, fight Cintron again and then move up to 160lbs in a couple of years and stay there; 147lbs wouldnt do him any good unless he happens to grab a big fight.

Who all can he beat?

I wont count 147lbs, mainly because I doubt he will ever get a fight there again. I do think he can beat all the top fighters at 154lbs, including Cotto and Angulo. Ive heard that Dzizdrick is really good, but ive never seen Dzizdrick fight, so I cannot comment on him. At 160lbs, I think he could still give all of the fighters there a good run and beat most of them. His biggest problem is keeping his hands up. Until he does that consistently, he will always be at risk for getting KO'd at higher weights against strong fighters.

How do you rate his resume and ability?

His resume is pretty good; not stellar, but for someone who had some issues getting fights at 147lbs, then moving up in weight as fast as he did, its pretty good. Obviously the Kelly Pavlik fight would have looked good on there, as well as the Cotto fight some people were clamoring for after William's first title win at 147lbs. I think he will have some really solid names on his resume going forward tho, including (just a hunch): Spinks, Julio, Angulo, Cotto, Martyrosan, Cintron II, Martinez III, Sturm and Dzizdruik.

Honestly, Ive always thought of Paul as a good fighter who has a definite, glaring defensive lack. But he has incredible stamina, heart, pretty good handspeed, decent combos, somewhat light power and a good chin.

Will he go far in boxing, or will he falter?

I think he will have a really good career. He may not reach Pacman or Mayweather type status as far as $$ or star power, but I think he will definitely be a crowd and fan favorite until he decides to hang the gloves up. As far as where he will end up, I think he will win multiple titles at 154lbs and 160lbs. He may, way later in his career, try to move up to 168lbs (although i dont see it happening), and there is no way in hell he will go up to 175lbs like some people think. The only way I see him faltering is if he decided to stay at 147lbs, because I seriously doubt he could get that big $$ fight he is seeking, and I doubt most 147lb fighters would want to regularly get in the ring with him.
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