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Originally Posted by starkiller View Post
Froch looked seriously hurt at times against Kessler, what fight were you watching biased brit? And he kept crying to his corner that Kessler was hurting him with body-shots. Awww, poor baby hates body shots alot since thats the first time I seen a fighter tell there corner that an opponent hurt them to the body badly.
Biased brit? Coming from a yank oh the irony. Froch versus Kessler was a war where both fighers took punishment, the fact he took that punishment and did not come close to being kncoked out proves my point and not yours.

Look just because your great hope Ward (the most boring fighter in the competiton) bores and headbuts his way through fights ala Hopkins there is no need to throw your toys out the pram. Hey maybe he will one day be man enough to leave his home town for a change instead of hiding behind biased referees. Yeah you can point out the Froch Dirrel fight and cry on about it as if it was some huge robbery (it wasnt) but at least he has the balls to fight two of his three fights so far away from home.
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