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Originally Posted by boxer2k5 View Post
how many floyd fights have you watched? floyd prob does shoulder roll 10% of a fight and only against people he know he can do it on. its not his only means of defense. how much did he do it on mosley. why dont you actually watch fights study fights before you open your mouth. the best you guys can do is come up with nicknames because its obv yall dont watch and study fights

all i hear is shoulder roll and potshot and running. floyd has 42 fights show me some fights where his only defense is shoulder roll and show me where it didnt work.
floyd has so many ways of defense and it will work on predictable 12345 punch manny.
Like wise homo, ooops my bad *****. Same goes how you keep saying defense defense. You can't defend what you can't see. Maybe you have watch more Floyd fight than I did but not too less to know he can't handle pac combos and rhythm. Mosley gassed out if you can't see that then you are blind. Baldomir fight, cmon my turtle moves faster than him. Pac is predictable? not. But even if he is its like bullet, you know its going to hit you but you can't do anything but say "AAAAAAHHH"
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