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Originally Posted by crillz View Post
This guy is as full of sh1t as those who believe him, you expect him to really come out and say "yes I have been doing this for a long time on him"? he's not going to throw An-phony-o under the bus like that which is the whole point let Capetillo take the heat and make it seem like this imbecile didn't know anything while even a bystander (Naazim) was able to tell from a distance what he was doing and Capetillo is trying to convince you idiots that the person closest to the hand wraps, literally right in front of his face because it was his hands being wrapped didn't know? I wasn't born yesterday man you can't just lie to my face like that and have me believe you I actually have a brain that I'm proud to say I use, he literally MOCKED the situation in a way where he himself made it look like unless he looked up away and around there was NO way he couldn't have seen it, he knew he's just too much of a chicken sh1t to face the reality of his actions so he sends an old man to take it for him
ok so if they mocked the sport it's not the first time someones done that .regardless of how you feel there's still others that think otherwise.
having Pacquiao cherry picking his opponents to win titles is one of them,
ofcourse you would disagree with that cause your a fan so get over it.

Originally Posted by MdPortorock2 View Post
You my friend are the biggest idiot and very gullible also. Go back to that armpit called mexiculo. As a matter of fact go mow my lawn peasant and wash my 370Z while you're at it and maybe I wont have your stinky ass deported.
LMAO,370z? you can act like it's a hot car but it's still a nissan.renters are only responsible for the shack not the lawn. save your money for your legoman haircuts bitch!!!
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