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Originally Posted by El 7 Mares V.2 View Post
Crazy how the Ricans just go completely orgasmic when that Santos shot is mentioned. I mean it was basically the only well landed shot a 180lbs Santos was able to land all night. Tony's legs wobbled for a couple of seconds and then he was back on kill mode spanking that butt until Santos big ass forehead bailed him out of the fight for the second time.

I guess the Ricans find satisfaction in the fact that Santos was the only Rican that came close to actually hurting big Tony, I mean Cotto took two knees and got his ***** pushed in, so did Cintron plus he cried x2.

It must suck to be that sour and hateful, I pity you Ricans.
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There really wasn't much to it. Just one punch in a tough awkward fight where Santos kept using his head in the literal sense.
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