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Default southy counter to stright right

Everyone has some sort of neato cool, standard practice for countering a Orthadox's Straight Right or heavy hook if you're a inside fighter. And that's all well and good. but, the truth of the matter is this. Learn to eat it, with a nice left handed cover or glove block. If you spend all your time avoiding the straight hand right as a shouthy your sure to be kissing the mat at some point you cannot avioid it or counter it all the time. So I spend about two rounds a day allowing my righty friends to pound on my arm and face with their straight rights. So I'm comfortable with it and anticipate it so I can take some of the power on my arm or glove. Once you get there its an easy counter. Bottom line if your a lefty and facing a righty YOU ARE GOING TO GET HIT WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT. So be ready for it, its all they have against us.
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