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Originally Posted by Greatest1942 View Post
Joe liked Sam and respected him a lot. Blackburn thought he was the best of all old timers and Louis truly believed that...BUt out of curiosity where did you see those pics? I always read Sam was not in the know after his retirement. Willis went to the Louis camp regularly and even stated that "Joe is no sucker for the right hand" after the Schemelling fight...Can you just let me know the source , not that I doubt you.

P.s : I know about the Joe LOuis Story...But not that movie, no one can say that a movie is 100% right and is a unbiased source of info, but others like newspaper reports, old time articles , major historians like Hank Klapnan , Monte Cox comments etc on this...
I have the pictures in the Classic Boxing Pictures thread one of them is at Louis' training camp and another is where they're both with Tony Canzoneri, I'll edit this when I get them.

I've seen a few more out there too, I'll find them.

Image View Removed. For more information, please contact our forum admins by clicking here.

It's a bit small but that is definitely Sam Langford at what looks like JL's training camp.

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