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Originally Posted by Ryannn View Post

this is not happening cause floyd does not want to fight, not because of some unresolved stipulation in the contract.

how can you blame pac for this fight not happening if floyd is not interested in it in the first place?
floyd had enough patience 6month ago with pacs and arums antics, and on top of that arum thinks he can set a deadline, and force him to "fight".
no my friend, **** arum and pac, especially pac for being a puppet of a fat bastard like arum.
and a big F U C K YOU to the two espn journalists, who are too dumb to realize how dumb they are.

edit: have fun beating another weight drained fighter, i wont watch the fight.
its just disgusting what flop rank leader arum is doing to his own fighters, weight drain them for his cash cow queen pacquiao.

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