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Unhappy Double Standards Regarding The Destruction Of GERALD McCLELLAN?

*Troll and retardation posts about GERALD McCLELLAN's personal life will NOT be tollerated in this thread. I will humiliate you single handed (until you quit this forum) if you even imply anything related, in your posts. You have been warned.*

First of all for those posters who don't know anything about the background here it is:

The music makes me shed a little tear.


"It could happen to Roy in any fight and he knows that"


Now lets proceed on to the main topic:

Judging by this sad depressing video it seems like Gerald was too brave for his own good.

Imagine the kind of names people would be calling him if Gerald threw in the towel at 3:00?

If I was there In the stadium on that night I would have shut him down for being a quitter. So would you.

If this NSB existed at the time posters would have been making threads like: "Gerald quiter McCLELLAN"

These are the double standards were are all guilty of employing over and over again.

Are we going to say the same thing about Victor Ortiz now?

Are we going to say this about thrilla in manilla now?

Are we going to say this about insert fighter that quit now?

Ok lets take Ortiz-Maidana for example:

No one on plannet earth knows what would have happened in the next 10 seconds, had victor ortiz continued. It sends chills down my spine even thinking about it.

you see? It's a dark area.

It's a shame Max kellerman didn't have the mental capacity to think objectively after the fight. What an (edited) idiot.

In the above scenario, can you really be absolutely positively 100% sure that NONE of the fighters would have sustained permanent damage?

The way those cats were knocking each other down left and right, one can only imagine what Maidana would have done to ortiz brain in the sixth round.

Dwelling on matters like this gives goosebumps.

A classic example of this is Chavez-Meldrik Taylor. What happens in the last two seconds, had Steel alowed it to continue?

We shouldn't be ridiculing people for quiting in a fight.

Reguarding Evidence And Casual links:

Originally Posted by kedashy View Post
Don,t get me wrong muh... Gerald was complaining to a guy he was sparring with who hit him dead right in the face and gerald supposingly winched in pain and said don,t tell anyone so yea, he had the problem going into the fight and benn just brought it out...
But you have to admit that this is circumstantial evidence right?

It's nothing like the casual correlations we have built for CHD or similar things.

Do you know of any scientists that have tracked things like this in boxing?


My Rant About The State Of Boxing Today:

It's a shame we don't get to see these kind of fights anymore. They just DON'T have that twinkle and magic in the air combined with the legendary atmosphere In the staduim.

Nowadays it's all about ducking, dodging, padded records, canned fights and propaganda stunts.

This above post is completely unrelated to the damage he sustained, but I am just talking about similar fights in general.

Whatever happened to ceasers palace?

What happened to the legendary white and yellow lighting?

What happened to boxing?

It quite sad; both the damge he sustained and the state of boxing today.

No one has made any attempt at ressurecting the duran/leonard/hearns era.

Sugar ray leonard and Thomas hearns never ducked each other. Now compare this with the B****ing that is going on in the 140 division.

You would be foolish not to notice a big difference in size of balls between the fighters of that era and this current one.

"We need another braveheart like Sugar Ray Leonard. It's a shame it won't happen in the 21st century."

Help me out here, do I have nostalgic syndrome? or is what I am saying making sense?

EDIT: maybe I should change my example for SRL, is it a good example of a brave heart or not?

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