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Originally Posted by Jack Burton View Post
1) Decriminalize drugs. Too much taxpayer money is wasted on caging non violent offenders who just wanna get high.

I say, let them get as high as they want and if they die, oh well, even better. Less mother****ers.

2) Legalize the use of hemp. Not marijuana, but hemp. Its one of the best resources in the world that can be used for just about anything.

There is no good reason why hemp is illegal, other than to keep Americans from being dependent on other ****.

3) Build a nationwide, state of the art, maglev train system as a public transportation project. Not only will it employ millions of people, reduce peoples dependence on cars, improve the overall quality of life for millions who can now get around freely and efficiently, but the most impressive thing of all is that modern mag lev technology reaches speeds of 700+ mph... With this system, you could also eliminate the need for planes since you could reach a destination just as fast or faster depending on the technology on a mag lev train than you would on a plane.

Flying sucks and is too dangerous anyways. And its embarrassing to see the rest of the world have such sophisticated public transportation compared to the U.S. We should be leading the way, not following.

4) Get rid of the Federal income tax. Its unconstitutional and its illegal. The Federal government has no right digging into your pockets to steal your labor.

For those who will cry about "how are we gonna fund everything" realize that most state and local governments are funded by state and local taxes. Not to mention that prior to 1913 when the Income Tax was signed into law under the Federal Reserve act, the country was running just fine without an income tax.

Not to mention how much "stimulus" the consumer economy would get from people keeping all their damn money.

5) Abolish the Federal Reserve. A country cannot sustain its economy when it has to borrow its money from a private banking cartel. Where do you think your income tax money goes? To pay off the interest on the money the Fed lends to our treasury.

As long as the Fed is there, the economy will continue its gradual disintegration.

The constitution calls for the money supply to be controlled by the people, not a private for profit banking cartel.

I believe that these steps are all realistic and possible, and more importantly long overdue.

I am Jack Burton and I approve of this message.

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good stuff many people dont realize just how useful hemp is from paper to rope to even the seeds as a very high protein bird food that birds just love.
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