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Default USADA's Travis Tygart Sets Record Straight on Mayweather-Mosley Drug Tests

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Since late 2009, drug testing has been the 'hot topic' of Boxing. The push from Floyd Mayweather Jr to have Manny Pacquiao submit to USADA drug testing has been a highly publicized and highly criticized issue. After the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight negotiations fell through, due to the disagreement on drug testing, Floyd Jr moved on to fight Shane Mosley. However, Mosley had to agree to the same drug testing demands, which he did.Over the past 3 months, the drug testing for Shane and Floyd has been 'front and center'. Unfortunately, details of the testing were limited and skewed at best. In effort to clear up the confusion and correct the inaccurate facts, USADA's Chief Executive Travis Tygart spoke with this reporter for an exclusive.

1) Are the test results for Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley available to the public?

We make the results public. We are open and transparent. All of the tests prior to the fight have been reported back to us, and all were negative.. We are still waiting for post fight tests. We expect to have them any day now.
Once we have all the results, we will process the information, put it in a chart and make available for the public.

2) How long until the test results are made public?

From a processing standpoint it usually takes us a quarter. Due to the significance of this fight, we're on a quicker time table. The details should be available by the end of the month.

3) How many times were Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Jr tested?

Both fighters were tested 8 times each. 4 of those times were blood only. And the other four times were blood and urine.

4) Any problems with testing Floyd Mayweather Jr or Shane Mosley?

They both were fully engaged in the testing. There were absolutely no problems. Both fighters and all of their representatives were open for education. Both fighters provided all of their phone numbers and their locations. Bottom line, they were consummate professionals.

5) Any conflict with the NSAC during the testing process?

Not from our end. We agreed to share our results and we did. They received all information. We had a good and close relationship with them.

6) Any progress with boxing commissions implementing USADA drug testing?

We have had conversations with some. NSAC was going to hold a hearing to review the need of this blood testing. This sport is just coming around to realize the level of importance for blood testing.
The casinos have a great interest in level playing fields. They are overly cooperative with us because of their direct and significant financial interest in the fighters and fights.

7) What significance does blood testing provide over urine testing alone?

HGH is only detected in blood. Transfusions, certain forms of EPO, and Synthetic hemoglobin (Hboc), would provide a boxer significant performance advantages especially throughout a 12 round fight.

8) Up to how long can blood testing detect illegal substances in the body? or How long does illegal substances like steroids and HGH stay in the body?

It depends on the substance, HGH can leave the system in a few days... You can use it and it can be out of the system in a matter of a days.

9) What happens to the samples that were collected from Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley? What's the storage process?

The collected samples are stored at our labs. They (Mayweather and Mosley) agreed to storage for up to 8 years. We can test for substances at a later time if necessary.

10) Any comments on the potential Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr fight?

We are sensitive to the athletes and do everything possible not to interfere with their training. Our testing is done effectively to catch anyone cheating but in a respectful manner to the athletes.

11) Do you consider the experience of drug testing Floyd Maweather Jr and Shane Mosley a success? and Why?

It's absolutely been a success! When any athlete wants to ensure their own safety and play on a level playing field, USADA needs to be there to support that athletes. It's not our concern about the criticism that Mayweather Jr faced for wanting this testing. If an athlete wants to do something about it we're going to b there to support them. This experience was historic for USADA and professional Boxing.

12) Are Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Jr still going to be tested? Are they participating in any "out of competition" testing?

They are not being tested any more. They agreed if there was any reason, based on the pre and post-fight test results, they would continue to be tested in our 'out of competition' testing.

Closing words

We've been completely open and transparent through the whole process with Mayweather Jr and Mosley. We do not favor any athlete over the other. We support all athletes who want to ensure fairness and safety.
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