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Originally Posted by Sugarj View Post
Right, I finally got round to watching this fight again and scoring:

Round 1: Ali (but closer than I remembered it being)
Round 2: Ali (clearly)
Round 3: Ali (closer round)
Round 4: Ali (but a very good last 40 seconds by Frazier)
Round 5: Ali (clearly)
Round 6: Frazier (clearly)
Round 7: Ali (so close, another great finish to the round by Frazier)
Round 8: Frazier (clearly)
Round 9: Ali (Great start & finish by Ali, good middle of the round by Frazier)
Round 10: Draw (My notes said 'if I was pushed I'd shade Ali')
Round 11: Frazier (clearly, under the ten point must system 10-8 for me)
Round 12: Frazier (but quite a close round)
Round 13: Draw (closest round for me, both tired but good scoring moments)
Round 14: Frazier (on sheer aggression)
Round 15: Frazier (clearly, knockdown 10-8 under the ten point must system)

Result (7,6,2) Ali under the rounds scoring system.

BUT under the ten point must system I have it 143-142 Frazier.

Points to consider:

Frazier deserved to win this fight, even though my scoring under the rounds system had him a one point loser. Frazier definitely beat Ali, no two ways about it. The rounds Frazier dominated were much more decisive than the rounds Ali shaded.

As Frazier was champ it was probably right that he should have got the 'edge' or the 'benefit of the doubt' in several of the closer rounds, so rounds 10 and 13 on my card may well have gone Frazier's way based on this.....and because drawn rounds were fairly rare (only one of the three judges scored an even round this night). Oh.....and I'm not a professional judge, just a fan
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Frazier was clearly the aggressor and didn't initiate as many clinches as Ali, his hitting was also more concussive than Ali's. This also may have swayed the judges in his favour in close rounds. But I would argue that Ali scored more often and displayed the better ring generalship even in the close rounds that he lost.

I think I'm right in saying that the rounds scoring system used on the night doesn't award anything extra for a knockdown in the round or for a truely decisive round like the eleventh? Does anyone know this for sure? No suprise that the much fairer ten point must system is now used to credit an extra point for a knockdown or very dominant round!!

There are two different films of the fight and I have just watched the more colourful, closer version (not the more popular 'Fighters' version more freely available). You can really hear the blows land and for me is the better one to judge.........but the other version shows the knockdown better.
Great post and i agree with everything you said.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the fight,and to post about the fight.

Again,great post.
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