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Originally Posted by DLT View Post
I love animals so its sad for me. No way should the dog have been shot but I would make the owner have to take it to classes and learn how to take care of it. They cant be non chalant about letting a big dog loose. Still, 9 times out of 10 its not bad dogs, just bad owners and the dogs shouldnt be given a death sentence all the time because of it.

One thing that really stood out to me in that vid was the dog was already pulling back and retreatiing once it saw the gun & taser which is strange because my pitts would go insane when it sees a gun and would be more aggressive towards you. The other thing that stood out to me was that I never ever watch dog vids like this but just the other day I saw a vid on another site where a rott got loose, started attacking another pit bull, and the owner shot & killed the dog in the middle of the street. I was upset about that because I didnt think it was necessary and I felt that they couldve taken the pit away easily but I just hate watching **** like that because of owners ****in up and not training them right.

Sometimes though its just an honest mistake where a dog gets loose and someone feels the need to kill it. Its also messed up because alot of people have dogs but they dont have any fenced in yards so its always a threat to just get loose and be out in public
Got a vid for that bro?

Rottweilers are naturally aggressive.

I have seen them being very agitated and abrking a lot. They are guard dogs after all.

That being said, you are right about owners. However bad owners with these types of dogs seem to get worse results than bad owners with a gold retreiver for example
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