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Question Roy Jones: "Hopkins has ONLY beat small fighters"--DO YOU AGREE?

In an interview with B-talk...Roy goes in on you agree?

"He became smarter. Instead of being an aggressive fighter, he became a smarter fighter, I have to give him credit for that. But he learned that from me too. I don't call that improvement I call that a choice. He chose to be smarter fighter instead of fighting the way he was fighting. That's not an improvement, that's a choice."

"His accomplishments are hall of fame accomplishements. The things he did, yeah he did some great things. The fighters he beat late in his career is because he started fighting smart. He didn't take no chances. He beat Glen Johnson, but that wasn't nothing spectacular and he before Glen rose to power. He came back and pulled off a good victory against Tarver and he was very motivated to do those things, because he felt like if they beat Roy and I beat them then my legacy is better than his. He also beat some smaller fighters. He beat De La Hoya, he beat Tito, the only fighter he beat of size is Antonio Tarver. So let's not start making no stupid suggestions, it's not like Bernard Hopkins been whooping the world. Winky Wright was a junior middleweight too. Bernard Hopkins ain't beat no legitimate light heavyweights except Antonio Tarver, so where's all this improvement coming from. He's bigger than all the other guys he beat so where's the damn improvement? Let's be for real about it, the only person he beat was Antonio Tarver, which wasn't that hard to do. It's not like I ain't beat Antonio Tarver once my damn self, when I was dead. What legitimate light heavyweight has beatnen since he became light heavyweight other than Tarver? None! What legitimate middleweight did he beat? Who, besides Kelly Pavlik and he's not really legitimate. He ain't did all that. Where is the improvment? What he has done that is so spectacular besides beat Antonio Tarver? He beat Glen Johnson before he became anything. Hell I beat Eric Lucas after playing a basketball game and then Eric Lucas became the WBC super middleweight champion of the world and held it for a few years. But when I beat him they said he was a nobody. Bernard ain't did a whole lot of nothing, let's keep it real. "
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