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Originally Posted by masterdirector
yeah I'm not saying its impossible for a great fighter to be in a boring, uneventful fight. It does happen, for sure. I like Vernon Forrest a lot, but I don't have a strong desire to see him against Corey Spinks.

I can't say I've been bored by any of Hopkins' recent fights though. Joppy fight I could see some because it became where every round began to look the same. And I was quite surprised that Hopkins couldn't seem to put Joppy away. Actually, part of the intrigue for me with Hopkins is the fact that he does struggle to put guys away, guys he should be able to easily put away, can you say Hakkar?

Hakkar shouldn't have made it out of the first 2-3 rounds. Hopkins took him to round 8 I think. He started trying to put him away at least by round 4.

Hopkins against Joppy, Allen, and Eastman, he couldn't stop them. Hopkins' age is affecting his performance after all, but he's so good, or maybe against such competition, that is isn't apparent. It begs the question, just how good has Hopkins' opposition really been? His two biggest wins are against 2 blown up welterweights, DLH and Trinidad. He beat a post-Trinidad butchering version of Joppy and a post-Joppy Howard Eastman (Joppy, immediately after the Trinidad murdering, where I really didn't think Joppy would fight again, beat Eastman). So, how good were Joppy and Eastman? And Robert Allen? Its no secret that his best days were well behind him.

Now I'm not saying Hopkins isn't a great fighter, he is. But I don't agree with calling him #1 pound 4 pound. Floyd Jr. has a better argument for that crown. I understand his frustration. He moved up in weight and beat guys. Hopkins let guys move up in weight and beat naturally lighter fighters.

Agreed, I too wonder how good NArd's competition has been...besides to blown up welters his resume does not really impress me...he recieved the consensus number 1 p4p ranking for wins over those two welters as well.

Everyone keeps saying when will Hopkins get old...well if he fights guys who want to play chess and throw 10 punches a round he will never get old. Nard is smart and he likes playing chess because no one can beat him at it....I want to see a JEff LAcy, Kassim Ouma or Joe Calzaghe fight him...these guys let there hands go and if anyone will show Hopkins age it will be a volume puncher like one of these three guys...

But he will never fight any of them, if Taylor is passive which I think NArd expects and he gets by him he will then fight Tarver who is a lazy fighter and Hopkins v. Tarver has the makings of a very overpriced overhyped bore fest with both fighters doing little or nothing to earn the fans money.

I like Hopkins and his streak of title defenses is impressive but do you think he would have gotten thru or fought these middleweights who were all fughting in the same era?

Julian Jackson
Nigel Benn
Chris Eubank
James Toney
Michael Nunn
Roy Jones-Nard fought like a ***** not an executioner
Sumbu Kalambay
Thomas Tate
Gerald McClellan
Michael Watson
Herol Grahm

Now my question here is has Hopkins beaten 1 middleweight on his record that was better than any of thee guys? No he hasn't...he is a great fighter for his defense record but compared to this list his record looks a little padded to me...
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