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Originally Posted by masterdirector
I get sick of this bull****. Brawling ****** fans say **** like "oh its going to be boring." You're not real fans with that kind of attitude. This isn't directed at everyone, but damn, I get so sick of **** when its like Mayweather fighting or Winky Wright or Hopkins and people say stupid **** about how it'll be boring. No it won't. Ruiz puts on boring matches because he's so ****ing inactive in there, he goes in and gets into those gay ass clinches, those "silent contracts" as Atlas calls them.

Hopkins is a master boxer. He uses skill, technique. Boxing isn't about knockouts, its about imposing your will over your opponent. Hitting and not getting hit. Yes, I prefer a knockout, but if it doesn't come, I'm not going to sit there and say "awww, that was so boring" like some sort of queer ass ******. Go watch the Rocky movies or some **** then, don't bother watching the fight. What is so boring about a good chess match?

Are there brawls where technical skill is on display...absolutely.

Are there brawls where it looks like amatuer night...absolutely.

Are there fights where it is awesome to see 1 fighter impose his will over the other weather it be by speed, power, defensive skills or whatever...absolutely.

Are there boring fights or fighters besides Jonny Reez...absolutely.

Master I really respect your post, I can tell you are a fan and that means alot because there are many on this site (not naming names just like you) that arent fans, or maybe I should say aren't cult fans which is just fine not everyone is going to be a cult fan.

You said that you dont like Ruiz fights because he is so inactive in the ring...I agree with you 100%-this is when I call a fight boring is when the activity level is down by both if 1 fighters activity level is up you then can look for a reason why, most likely the reason would be that 1 fighter is in someway imposing his will over the other man-it is just not as apparent as other times.

Now, where I have a problem is when both men are inactive to a point where lulls in the action actually become the fight-they define it. I have never seen a Winky Wright fight I did not enjoy, I have never sen a Floyd Mayweather fight I didn't thouroughly enjoy but I have seen fights where a great like a Bernard Hopkins has imposed his will on another man and I have still walked away saying hhmmmm that fight was boring.

Am I not a real fan for thinking or saying this? **** maybe I need to turn in my cult membership card...but then again I really dont think so...there is no way I will miss a classic like JL Castillo vs. Diego Corrales, or a shocker like Simon Brown vs. Terry Norris and in the same breath just like I wont miss a snoozer like Hopkins vs. Eastman or Haugen vs. Camacho...Im addicted to this sport as if it was crack cocaine and the sport has highs and lows great fights and boring fights and that will never change...

Are there boring fights, **** yes there are...would I miss them for antything, no ****ing way!

yeah I'm not saying its impossible for a great fighter to be in a boring, uneventful fight. It does happen, for sure. I like Vernon Forrest a lot, but I don't have a strong desire to see him against Corey Spinks.

I can't say I've been bored by any of Hopkins' recent fights though. Joppy fight I could see some because it became where every round began to look the same. And I was quite surprised that Hopkins couldn't seem to put Joppy away. Actually, part of the intrigue for me with Hopkins is the fact that he does struggle to put guys away, guys he should be able to easily put away, can you say Hakkar?

Hakkar shouldn't have made it out of the first 2-3 rounds. Hopkins took him to round 8 I think. He started trying to put him away at least by round 4.

Hopkins against Joppy, Allen, and Eastman, he couldn't stop them. Hopkins' age is affecting his performance after all, but he's so good, or maybe against such competition, that is isn't apparent. It begs the question, just how good has Hopkins' opposition really been? His two biggest wins are against 2 blown up welterweights, DLH and Trinidad. He beat a post-Trinidad butchering version of Joppy and a post-Joppy Howard Eastman (Joppy, immediately after the Trinidad murdering, where I really didn't think Joppy would fight again, beat Eastman). So, how good were Joppy and Eastman? And Robert Allen? Its no secret that his best days were well behind him.

Now I'm not saying Hopkins isn't a great fighter, he is. But I don't agree with calling him #1 pound 4 pound. Floyd Jr. has a better argument for that crown. I understand his frustration. He moved up in weight and beat guys. Hopkins let guys move up in weight and beat naturally lighter fighters.
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