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Originally Posted by tymann23 View Post
we have rigondeaux, lara, gamboa, yudel johnson, odlanier solis etc.

out of the cuban defectors who would you say is the most skilled and the one you like watching the most?

i have them listed as such
1. guillermo rigondeaux (two time gold medalist, dominated as an amateur and has shown that he has a nice pro style) rigondeaux is a master counter-puncher who sets his opponents up with disstance.

2. erislandy lara (gold medalist) he has developed a nice pro style, and he has all around good skills, nice defense, great offense, can fight inside very well. he will takeover the jr. middleweight division in my opinion, he is just to versatile and to skilled overall for the current fighters in the division.

3. yuriorkis gamboa (another succesful amateur winning medals) i dont think he is as talented as lara and rigondeaux but he is highly skilled and is very exciting buti think he will get himself knocked out on the top level

4. odlanier solis (gold medalist and overall a great amateur. he has wins over the great felix savon and a stoppage win over david haye also) solis has been coming in high on the scales but i think hes in better shape then people think hes just a very big dude. but yea he could get in better shape. solis is very skilled, he is very rangy for a short heavyweight being 6'1 1/2 with an 79 inch reach. he is a very good body puncher and has a good left hook and overhand right. i think he is one of the best heavyweights currently and will make a beakthrough into the top ten in 2010.

5. yudel johnson (a very good amateurbut not great like his fellow cubans) johnson is a counter puncher who likes to move. he has decnt all around skills but his habit of taking breaks and seeming to lose focus at times worries me when he gets on the top level hence why i have him ranked the lowest.

let me know who you think is the most talented. and if you want to show me your ranking list for the cubans. ( you motha****as better get away for the pacquioa-cotto **** for a lil bit and come into this thread i spent alot of time typing this **** out lol)

They only know Pac and Floyd.. they're not boxing fans they are Floyd and Pac fans only.

1. Rigondeaux.........I said this in another thread...By the start of 2012 Rigondeaux will be the best fighter on the Planet and it wont even be close. Hes the most skilled...the fastest, the most discipline , the most skilled, the most defensive.....He looks like a cross Between Pac and Floyd crazy as it sound.

2. Lara- I seen him figth a couple times, I like his skill set and it will be interesting to see him against the fighters at 154 because that divison will be loaded with Talent.

3. Gamboa- Gamboa doesnt get much love on the forums because we see his chin is iffy but he might end up having a great career and surprising everybody...and we still havent seen the best from him.

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