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Originally Posted by hugh grant View Post
Its like a nursery nurse teacher accuses another nursery nurse teacher of being a phoedophile just cos hes jealous the other teacher is more popular with the children.
And proceeds to ask the nursery nurse teacher for tests like being wired up to a monitor, while shown graphic images of children to see if activity in the lower regions. That would be going over board with paranoio wouldnt it be?

Do you even think there are non paedophiles who would be happy to be subjected to those tests, even if they have nothing to hide.

Bottom line PBF is jealous of Pacs achievements, therefore requesting the tests.
I'm assuming you mean "pedophile." If a nursery teacher was being suspected of pedophilia, it would not be because they are unusually popular with the little ones but it would be because the children showed other signs of fear, sadness and anger among other things. This is not a very good analogy if you ask me. You could say there's some jealousy in Floyd's case but it's not unusual for a rival of another sports star to express suspicions of steroid use. Carl Lewis publicly called Ben Johnson out for years on being a drug cheat until Johnson was eventually caught. Coincidentally, it was the Olympic style testing that got him.

I can understand Manny's complaint that he feels like he's being singled out but that's the price you pay for being in the boxing limelight. Let's not forget Floyd will have to take all the same drug tests too.
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