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Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
I cant see him winning this court case, why cant he just take the drug tests and be done with it. I remember last week or so Roach said thy had no problem taking the tests everything calmed down people said,"you see Manny has nothing to hide" and now look whats happened. As pointed out on another thread dream fights don't always happen so Ill just look forward to Mosley Berto instead.

it's not because the *****s are willing to be floyd's ***** means that Manny has to as well!

if you can't see pac winning this case then that is your opinion! who are you to say. Do you think Manny, considered as National Treasure in his country will not have the best legal advise possible? As far as I know everyone has been telling him to do something but initially he didn't want to glorify the issue but one can only take so much.

As his fans, we just want him to take a stand and not let himself to be ridiculed and maligned by these people. This case is long overdue!

For the record, Manny will take the test if it was demanded by the Nevada Athletic Commission not by Mayweather Athletic Commission. Who the hell is floyd? They're both boxers for goodness sake

Did manny say anything about the random test ordered by NSAC yesterday? NO, he was more than happy to oblige. I can guarantee you thaf if Floyd asked for it, Manny would have told him where to go!
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