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Originally Posted by Kevin Jesus View Post
Forget it, I can't escape this. I'll have to say what really happened.

Dorian let me use his laptop right. Dorian went to the store to buy liquor. It was Ether, Pretty boy32, Larryx and Gully Gad with some other ladies chilling in Dorian's living room. I went to the bathroom to take a leak, come back and see Ether using Dorian's laptop. I tell him "yo Ether, Dorian let me use his laptop" Ether says "**** off, i'm talking to my ***** on AIM" i'm like "'s like that?" Ether is like "Yeah it's like that son, pop off or sit down lil homie"

Gully Gad interrupts us and offers some weed and beer that he had brought to try to calm us down. I'm like "Oh hell naw, Ether disrespected me..I ain't staying like that man"...So i take Dorian's laptop and Ether grabs on to it too..Larry and Prettyboy32 stand up and try to hold us back cos they saw it was getting serious and ****. They try to calm us down. Ether throws a tantrum and says "Yo man you crossed the line, I was talking to my're mad grimey, dawgs"...i'm like "Fuk your girl! n!gga, she's a hoe with AIDS".

Right there and then, Dorian finally comes back. As he opens the door, me and Ether had a little scuffle while i was also holding Dorian's laptop. So Ether pushes me and i go off balance and drop Dorian's laptop real hard. Dorian looks at me like "is this n!gga serious?"...Ether says "You done fuked up now son"..Larry and PB32 come from the kitchen cos they heard all the noise. Larry says "yo what's goin on Mafia members ya'll dancin without me?"....Gully explains to Dorian what happened. PB32 tries to calm everything down and sit us down to eat dinner that the ladies cooked up. Dorian was still speechless at the moment.

Moments later, everyone is sitting down at the table. Dorian was staring right at me with a real bad look, he hadn't even touch his food. I was making believe I didn't notice him looking at me. Dorian finally speaks.."Kev, you better pay me my 1300 dollars that I paid for that lap top"...I'm like "But Ether pushed me...he has to pay half"...Larry tries to change the subject at the table by saying "Yo..any news on Pacquiao-Mayweather...what are your thoughts on this fight Dorian?"...Dorian says "My thoughts are that Kevin has to pay me my 1300 dollars"..Ether jumps in and says "I'll pay was partially my fault"...Dorian says "No, I held kev responsible for it..he should pay it himself"...Ether leaves home because he felt bad.

Minutes later, we were all still at the dinner table, except for Ether. Dorian keeps telling me I have to pay his lap top. Gully, Larry and PB32 were all quiet because they didn't want to get in. I said "You know what Dorian? fuk you man. I thought we were bros
Image View Removed. Please Click Here.
" I left Dorian's house. I go to a hotel nearby, find a computer with internet, log in to BScene and find a thread made by Dorian about his laptop having a problem and a PM asking me when I will pay him his 1300 dollars even though he fixed his laptop and doesn't need a new one.

That's my side of the story.
Stop covering **** up. You guys had a fight over the KFC
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